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We specialise in providing business support for new and small businesses, providing Accounting and Taxation support to clients throughout the North East and beyond. We also provide support, advice and assistance to individuals with personal tax issues such as rental property.

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  • "I am pleased that Bergen Associates helped me with the set-up of my business, and making the successful licensing application on my behalf. Mr. Mustafa's knowledge and experience has helped me immensely, and I can recommend Bergen without hesitation."
    Eduardo Severino
    Piccolino Wines
  • "It's been a great relief to use Bergen to handle my paperwork. I can now get on with my work without having the bother of dealing with a pile of invoices." "Bergen sorted out my problem of unpaid customer invoices. My requests for money had been ignored but they responded to Bergen and I received my money. I have no hesitation in recommending Bergen to any company that has difficulty in getting their invoices paid."
    Peter Stewart
    Aberkil Pest Control

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Latest questions and answers

1HMRC Inquiry - Should I Be Worried?

Did you know that as a result of 'risk profiling' you could be a target for an HMRC Inquiry, even if you've done nothing wrong!

Bergen clients have fee protection cover (at no cost to the client) of up to £70,000 in the event of such an investigation. For peace of mind call Bergen today and see how we can help you!

2How Can I Overcome The Problem of Late Invoice Payments and Bad Debts?

Many businesses have a good product or service to sell but are not good at collecting the debts due to them.

The staff often assigned to this task are not experts; don’t have the time to do it properly; don't enjoy the task; and have not received the required training to do it effectively. As a consequence, debts remain uncollected. The bank balance suffers; the exposure to bad or doubtful debts increases. The funds just aren’t where they should be… which is in your bank account! We can follow up your debtors in a friendly and professional manner. We will phone your customers on your behalf and monitor the sales invoice as it progresses through the payment cycle. We will log details of the conversations and draw to your attention any potential problems as they arise.

3Why Pay Someone To Do Tasks Like Bookkeeping When I Can Do It Myself?

Quite Simply To Allow You To Focus On Growing Your Business!

Outsourcing has become the most preferred way for many FTSE 100 companies to cut their spiraling costs and allow an easier way to expand their business quicker. With the new technology advancements, you now have the same alternative as these companies, no matter how small or large you are. Accounting firms and small to medium businesses are discovering that outsourcing their bookkeeping saves payroll, overhead cost and it’s also a giant step in freeing up their valuable time. As a business owner your time is best spent doing what you do well – working with customers. Time spent on bookkeeping problems add little or no value to your customer relationship. To remain competitive, it is imperative that a company rethinks its strategies, take a hard look at where they are creating value for their customers and then focus on those areas. The most successful businesses of today have been outsourcing for some time now and have time and money to spend on differentiating themselves in the highly competitive marketplace. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to make the switch to outsourced bookkeeping/accounting. Outsourcing provides you with a chance to instantly tap in a pool of skilled professionals to support any of your work items. It instantly provides you a competitive advantage and generally provides a cost saving of at least 50-60% when compared to the prevailing UK prices.

4I'm Worried About Outsourcing My Business Affairs To A Range of Different Specialists

Bergen Associates Are Not Just A Firm Of Accountants We Provide A Comprehensive Business Support Service.

Many business processes are linked up and so we join up our support services - payroll is about making sure people get paid but we also make sure that you employees and contractors contracts have been drawn up properly. Talk to us about a comprehensive business package that suits your business needs.

5Why Should I Use Bergen Associates?

We're Effective, Efficient, Economical and Extremely Knowledgeable About All Matters Realted To Running And Developing Businesses.

We are very much a customer focused company who put quality and client satisfaction as our first priority. We take pride in understanding our client’s needs and serving them closely from our local UK office for quick set up, free training and instant support. Our outsourcing model works on mutual trust and confidence between you and us. To make sure that there is no communication gap we enter into a service level agreement with clearly defined metrics on timescale, quality, scope, confidentiality, non-competition and fees. We also do not tie-in our clients on any long-term contracts unless you specifically require such an arrangement. We offer a risk free no-obligation period to ensure that you get the quality service you require. Take advantage of our offer and find out for yourself. We serve many businesses in the UK. We excel in customising our services based on your individual requirement. We take pride in understanding our client’s needs and serve them closely from our local Aberdeen office for quick set up, and instant support. Take advantage of our fully qualified and trained personnel on a full or part-time basis according to your requirements..